Come worship with us every Sunday


The broadcast will be from the American Evangelical Church, and the service will be in English with some parts in Arabic.

Come and invite others, especially those who don't have access to a local Church or those who cannot attend a Church.

The broadcast will come through the seminary called "Global Biblical Education" on Paltalk and will be streamed to all our Youtube Channels, our Facebook Channel, 11 television stations, and 4 radio stations in Africa, in addition to our national and global Churches!

Praise the Lord for this opportunity to preach the Gospel to the whole world!

The Lord bless this service. Please pray for growth of this outreach, so millions of people worldwide can hear His Gospel. Amen.

Sunday Broadcast Times


Global Church Live Broadcast Links via YouTube

  1. Click on the Live Broadcast link below to go to the channel.
  2. Click on live streaming on the upper left corner of the page.

*Please note that the live streaming is available only when we broadcast, but all services are recorded under Videos for any one who likes to listen at any time.

  1. Click on the Paltalk link below.
  2. Download the messenger.
  3. Set an account for you with a user name and password (Don’t use any personal or correct information about yourself or your location).
  4. Go to Categories and choose Middle East.
  5. Click on Christianity ( Language Arabic).
  6. Click on Global Biblical Education and this is our seminary and you will be inside the Church !

Sunday Broadcast Times